Welcome to the GScript Wiki, Guest! This wiki aims to be a more direct, open and detailed resource for scripters trying to use Graal's scripting engine, GScript, including descriptions, code snippets and notes. All informed contributions are welcome; read the Contribute page for more information.

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There are plenty of different ways you can find information on the GScript Wiki:


The wiki is always in need of contributors to help create a more complete scripting resource. If you know something that isn't on the wiki, please post it up! In order to contribute, you must register with the GScript Wiki and then login. Then head on over to the Warboard for more information on how to post helpful documentation and combat the lack of documentation!

If you are not really sure where to start, consider looking at the recent changes to see which pages have been edited recently. There is a high scores chart which shows the most active editors on the wiki.

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