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Move NewIndex abs
add addarray addtiledef
addtiledef2 arccos arcsin
base64decode base64encode changeimgcolors
charat clear clearemptyvars
cos delete echo
enablefeatures ends escape
findareanpcs float getdir
getplatform getservername gettextheight
gettextwidth hideimg hideimgs
insert insertarray int
isobject join keydown
keyname length lower
lowercase max md5
min pokereval pos
positions remove removetiledefs
replace savelog2 sendtorc
setshape setshootparams settimer
shoot showimg showpoly
showtext sin size
sleep sortascending sortbyvalue
sortdescending starts subarray
substring timershow tokenize
trace trim type
upper uppercase vectoradd
vectorcross vectordist vectordot
vectorlen vectornormalize vectorscale
vectorsub vecx vecy

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