Object syntax: clientr.varname, player.clientr.varname


The clientr prefix is used to set variables that are stored in the user's account file on the local game server, of which are accessible both by scripts on the serverside and the clientside, but only completely writable on the serverside.

Warning: Be aware, clientr variables are not fully read-only. Clientside scripts are able to change the value of a clientr variable but the changes remain on the client only and are never sent to the server. If a clientr variable is changed clientside, the clientside value will be lost when it is updated serverside as it will be overwritten.

For account-stored variables that are both readable and writable by the client, see client.


function onPlayerEnters()
  player.clientr.variable = "value";


function onPlayerChats()
{ = player.clientr.variable;



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