Contributing to the wiki

The Warboard is a roadmap detailing how to create an ideal GScript wiki, in the never-ending war against a lack of documentation! It also explains a few useful features you will find. Contributors should read this document before adding any documents to the wiki.


The GScript Wiki aims to be more in the style of the PHP Manual, with the idea being that every function, built-in variable, etc. will have a page not only explaining it's exact use, but also providing small snippets of code which demonstrate how they can be integrated into your code.

In order to create a worthwhile resource of scripting documentation, we need to create:

Remember, it's not just about adding new pages to the wiki. If you feel there are existing pages that can be improved, go ahead and improve them.

Finding something to write about

If you aren't sure what to write about, consider the following sources for inspiration:

Creating pages

Before creating or editing pages on the wiki, you must first register an account. Please do not use the same username and password combination as your Graal account.

Once you are logged in, simply modify the end of the URL, for example, replacing "Warboard" with the desired name of the page.

Category system

The Wiki already has an automatic category system that means we can put pages into categories without having to link the pages up manually. For instance, we would have a category for clientside functions, serverside functions, event functions, variable prefixes, language constructs, so on and so forth.

It is important to specify a set of categories and stick with them, so that things can be found easily.

Chosen categories

Editor categories

These categories are for the use of wiki editors. These category markers should be removed once the page has been fixed.

More information is available on the QualityControl page about how to use these categories.

Adding a page to a category

When finished editing a page, simply add a Category tag to the end of the page, like so:




In order to maintain a consistent appearance across the wiki, template pages have been created for you to use. Simply copy and paste the wiki source of these pages and edit them to create your own.

Please use good English grammar and spelling while posting pages on the wiki, and where possible, please include notes on your edit at the bottom of the Edit page. This way, we can keep a track on edits in the Recent Changes.

If you see a page that you feel is out of place or inconsistent with other documents on the wiki, please edit and fix it.

You may need to leave a blank line after a subheading so that the pages look evenly spaced, for example:



The same applies with code blocks; they require a blank line before but not after.

Please also remember, where possible, to create inter-article links:

For server variables that are not readable by the client, see ##[[server]]##.
Comments [Hide comments/form]
Might I suggest using line-numbers and highlighting for code blocks?
-- DylanHenrich (2009-01-10 20:01:04)
For line numbers, the problem is that if people wish to copy the code examples out of articles, the line numbers will also be copied and that can be quite frustrating. It might be worthwhile for use in full scripts though that are posted here, if they are not really going to be copied and pasted.

For syntax highlighting, it's possible, yes, but I'm not sure which language would best suit GScript's syntax. JavaScript, maybe?
-- AdminSkyld (2009-01-10 20:55:34)
Look at the example in the SandBox. I'm wondering if we couldn't use PHP, since that's what's used on the forums (even if it's because the lack of any other syntax highlighter)?
-- DylanHenrich (2009-01-10 21:21:39)
We could do, but that might cause things beginning with $ to become mishighlighted (like $pref::), whereas I don't think that'd happen with JavaScript.
-- AdminSkyld (2009-01-10 21:33:44)
Which language best fits GScript, out of all the ones possible? I'm testing the highlighting on the SandBox page between JavaScript and PHP. JavaScript highlights some things PHP doesn't and RC does, and vice-versa.
-- DylanHenrich (2009-01-10 21:56:49)
If I remember correctly, the syntax highlighter in RC was either JavaScript or Java, with a few extra things highlighted for Graal use specifically.
-- WhiteDragon (2009-01-10 22:30:06)
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